Friday, 23 January 2009

Valkyrie and Che

I'll extend this in the coming days. Have been a little busy but both of these are well worth a viewing, both are about the over-throws of a repressive government (kinda like losing one George W Bush).

Che is the more self-serious of the two, is about Che in the Cuban revolution. Its a bit long and unstructured but is interesting in its showing about how difficult it is to manage and execute a cultural revolution. I've only seen part 1, which is why I'm so brief. Its difficult to talk about half a film but Benecio Del Toro is great in the lead.

Valkyrie is about the plot to kill Hitler, is sold as an old-fashioned World War 2 romp. Its a lot of fun but has a terrific set-up that makes the story of a failed plot interesting. What is it like to be a military man in a fascist dictatorship whose ideals you find disgusting. It follows that line for the entire film, keeps at the idea of the army trying to escape from Hitler and the SS's insanity to save Germany in some way, and is fascinating in how close they came to killing Hitler. It also has some terrific visuals and uses its inventive images rather than dialogue to give mood, cultural and story information. Its had some bad reviews so far, which is undeserved and feels like critics trying to be serious for when they rave about The Reader (which has a terrible trailer and is based on a horribly over-rated, stupid book)

To end, Benecio Del Toro and Valkyrie writer Christopher McQuarrie made a terrific crime film The Way Of The Gun years ago. Its very underseen and is the best crime film of the decade by a long way.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

The New Dr Who

So the newspapers got it wrong. What a shock.

Last month I wrote in regards to casting the role:

Or even try the re-animated corpse of the recently dead.

Now enter Matt Smith. Who kinda resembles the Frankenstein monster. I kinda feel like I got closer than the respectable media on this one.

But he did seem eccentric in the confidential show I watched. He looked like the right kind of weird fella that should play the part. So from the outside it looks like good casting.

So we'll see next year (yep, its only three days into this year).

Happy new year

Although to be honest I've had a full-system computer crash over the holidays that I'm still recovering from. So I should be feeling good about the world around late January at the earliest. By the first Obama disappointment and the next line of bank collapses (hopefully not mine)

But on the plus side I bought some planet of the apes movies today. "Kill all humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!"