Friday, 30 April 2010

So Its Election Time

Is it just me or do you trust nobody?

I just look at them all and wonder, what the hell?

David Cameron remains vague as hell, talking about tough measures, cut taxes etc (fill in cliche Tory policy). No suggestion in anything he says that he has a clue how to re-build an economic infra-structure. I see nothing in his comments that he has a clue beyond let big business do what they want. As someone unemployed (at the moment) living in central Scotland this is terrifying. We literally have companies offering jobs with 16 - 20 hours to save themselves playing people proper scale or benefits, amidst many people chasing the same few jobs. How exactly do you make a living on these types of absurdly low wages? Its very scary. David Cameron will give these types of people even more power. God knows where that's going to take us. Let's face it, he is still a man who supports the people who got us all into this mess, and is going to cut vital services and economy-building measures that directly affect Scotland and the North Of England, as well as vital social and community-building enterprises. Against a strong leader he would falter badly, as he doesn't engage in answering questions, explaining himself. I think he'll alienate the country against Europe pretty quickly.

Gordon Brown isn't exactly Mr wonderful. He allowed much of this economic absurdity to go through under his charge, worked with banks, allowed as chancellor the policies that aided the economic failure. Never engaged enough in economic re-building. That's essentially been the huge failure of new Labour. 13 years and little re-building, re-engagement in trying to build anything, which leaves everyone in dire straights as the economy fails. He's not exactly doing well, calling voters bigots. On the other hand, he probably does have the best clue how to slowly but surely bring us back to stability. He is concerned with not letting the economy collapse to save a few pounds. I like that. I still don't think he's that bad, just is a natural background player. (As someone with similar public speaking defects I can view some of these areas as something that's not important). He still says what he means, unlike David Cameron. But alas now gives the scent of a dying animal.

Nick Clegg looks more like a second in command. He doesn't stop himself saying stupid things, easy platitudes. On the other hand, I like the liberals. I think they can potentially grow into something interesting in they get more of an in-road into middle England, could make Labour and the Tories need to be more original and actually do some actual planning. But its not quite there yet. Still feels like a lot is being thrown out, see if it will stick.

But I do think for now a hung parliament might be the best solution. I feel, and I don't think I'm alone, that both Labour and the Tories look tired, uninspired. They both need to be better.

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