Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Inland Empire

This will be brief. Inland Empire, David Lynch's video-shot three hour epic is an amazing film. I urge anyone who reads this to watch it. Laura Dern is brilliant in a lead part that changes at times drastically scene to scene, going from the highest to the lowest of society, a character that evolves into something more complicated than originally suggested. Lynch meanwhile keeps the film paced brilliantly, going on seeming detours that always click into place at an emotional level when he needs them to, without ever showing a through-line for an obvious plot.

The trouble about writing about this film is that saying anything about what occurs both will be confusing to the reader and will spoil the film. Its a film that's best simply to be experienced as it unfolds. Like Bunuel, Lynch keeps strands of mood, acting and ideas building, plays them against one another to continually surprise the viewer in its ideas and accumulative mood. The film does add up to a complete experience that doesn't cheat and is very satisfying. (although stay for the end credits as that's part of the film and its mood) So basically, try and avoid finding out anything about the film before seeing it.

Its a film that's another argument that Lynch, along with Cronenberg and Malick, is the best of the directors to emerge from the 1970's.

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