Friday, 14 November 2008

Watchmen trailer 2

Well this trailer is even worse than the first. I don't get it. Every time anything on this film comes up it's stated as looking brilliant, suggested that anyone who doesn't like it are kill-joys. Even though they've changed the great ending to something (which has a great sense of cosmic awe) to a loose nuke cliche that sounds awful. As someone who knows the book very well I'm getting pretty mad about this one. You see more oft he film scenes in the new trailer and everything seems shot like an eighties Queen or Duran Duran video (tons of effects, campy looks, riffs on other's images with no substance) I was watching what were visually stunning moments in the book that I got bored watching in the trailer. Lots of dull slo-mo and moody vain actors trying and failing to suggest depth. It's not a good sign for the film. Worse is that everyone seems to be acting in a comic book manner, very dull gruff voices. What Alan Moore wrote was not anything like that (see my earlier post on Watchmen). All the positivity on this film feels to me like desperation for a Watchman film being made, so you can't say anything bad about it. Hope I'm wrong and the film's good but its looking less likely the more I see.

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