Thursday, 24 July 2008

Captain's Blog

They call me don don Vermicelli.

What does one write on a blog? What is a blog? These are the questions that have plagued mankind since the dawn of the internet, way back in 1912 when Sir Henry Bockwurst III made his original 'pneumatic internet' from some children's shoes and frozen butter. We all know the story of Bockwursts tragic life, how after several failed attempts to launch his idea, he spent his last days in an asylum after claiming God had instructed him via an angel to stir fry his own head. A true pioneer, he can best be summed up by his comments upon being seized by doctors from the asylum; "My goodness...Have I gone mad already?"

All too human, all too mad, we salute Sir Henry, author of : The Internal Combustion Crystal - (Madness and Sanity in The Human Mainframe Infrastructure).

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