Friday, 25 July 2008

Chimpan A to Chimpan Z

They call me don don Vermicelli.

A man walks into his local multiplex and looks at the choices, after a moment he wanders up to the ticket desk and utters a sentence no human being should ever have to utter in this troubled world of ours; "One for Space Chimps please..." Yes, 'Space Chimps' the hilarious tale of some chimps sent into outer space, brought to you by the same people behind, 'A Cardigans Life' the moving and humorous tale of a discarded, poverty stricken cardigan who with the help of a soiled bra and a dishcloth rises through adversity to build an international drug cartel. On the imdb page for 'Chimps' a (presumably) young reviewer says; "...nothing special, nothing memorable but it's cute for the kids..." That really says it all doesn't it? What we are dealing with here is essentially a digital turd. Having said that, I don't think your average child has the intelligence to fully appreciate sparse parametric style in the films of Robert Bresson, having said that, he did once make a film about a talented donkey, who if i remember correctly became a racing driver in the end.

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