Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Old Annuals

Found old belongings today, childhood annuals and toys, which felt odd, as I thought they were long ago thrown away.

I haven't seen them for years, haven't thought about many for the longest time. I found an old Dr Who annual from the 80's (Colin Baker on the cover) Conan annuals, Bash Street Kids, A Team, V, Star Wars. I even found an annual for an old show called Simon & Simon, which I barely even remember.

It's odd seeing what you were passionate about when you were eight or nine suddenly found, sometimes in good condition, sometimes barely kept together by tape. I remember obsessively poring over some of them.

Other objects I don't really remember having much of an effect on me. Found train sets, cars, things like that. The annuals jumped out. I liked toys but was in my head a lot at that age. That's not something that really changes I think, can be horrific to what you are still like today, how it relates to your mindset when as a child, makes you wonder how much you truly change.

The annuals don't quite relate to what you think today but seeing them you can remember what you felt like when they were important, when you were obsessed with only certain things, when a television show meant a lot to how you saw your world, emotionally was important to your existence and day to day handling of life, as I was very much a TV child. When the thought of having these objects was of priority importance, something to annoy parents over, to eyeball obsessively whenever I was in a shop where they were for sale.

That's the nostalgia trip for today. You kind of lose that feeling when you get older and finding this brings it back to me.

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