Sunday, 28 September 2008


So I have written four novels, have sent out two of them to publishers. Got nowhere with the first two but some replies were pretty good, saying its well crafted but not for us. The third was put away after completion as I was working on the film so I never had much time to post it around. Am about to send third and fourth novels around. So the first two I'm going to self-publish through Lulu, as I like them and want a copy of them bound for myself, see if anyone else will like them.

First novel is called Siege. Its central narrative is about a young drug dealer who sets up an operation in Sheffield, is unseen, laundering money, blackmailing police and banks, targeting people he dislikes to addict to product. He is a dysfunctional sociopath, has deep-seated hatred of everyday people while seemingly being a citizen. Most of the novel takes place in the final days of his operation, as his people break down into paranoid civil war that goes to violence at an instant rate, situation being centralised in a tower block, many decisions made being insane. The failing situation is studied through the eyes of most of the paranoid characters causing the destruction. The central character's girlfriend, a manipulator, is also tied into the problems, causes a lot of problems.

The Study is my second novel. It, at the start, is about blackmail, a mother and daughter making the father of the family go mad and commit suicide through a blackmail scheme they concocted. Following the success of the scheme, the women are alone, work on their guilt, become paranoid, suspicious of one another, with reason, thinking on why for the forced suicide. The novel develops, focusing on their paranoia, communication with one another, and on outside threats. Its very much a character piece, propelled by the first, dark action, studying their reactions.

Corporate Wars was completed a few years ago, was the one I never sent as I was making a film. It is a thriller set in Japan, is a manhunt novel, a gun-runner and assassin loose in Japan, killing lots of important Japanese businessmen. Starts out with a typical genre idea, and has many foreign agents taking interest, but is about a failing economy, is set as Japan's economy continues to collapse, which it has been going on for years, with businessmen committing suicide due to debt, ex-ceo's. now homeless. The corporate wars of the title is in regards to the fighting of failing Japanese corporate interests, as well as outside predators, using the mess for their own gain.

The final novel, just completed, is titled The Latino Ghost. It is centred around a man and his life around the development of AI, how this new technology affects his decisions. The central character is a white man with light Latino past, who has ties to developing business interests in America, beginning to manipulate things to develop AI and the country the way he thinks it should be developed. The story shows how technology develops through time through-out the world, in ways that are useful for the future and in other, fascistic focuses. This novel has a time structure that is non-linear, everything developed to focus the decisions what this character makes, spans about fifteen years. There are thriller elements within the time-lines, in regards the some tough actions to develop the AI technology and its funding, and its development while established, as well as economic pressurisation of third world countries, but as with a lot of my writing, its interest is in character.

So that's my novels. First two will be available on Lulu soon hopefully, as I finish up the prep for them.

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