Sunday, 26 October 2008

Does Loyalty Count For Nothing?

I ask this as I got messed around on getting a job that I have done quite a few times before (stagehanding at a pantomime), is easy, is something I'm competent at, am usually over-qualified for the job I'm doing there. So I usually apply for it, get it, usually it was not even needing an interview as hiring was a backstage concern over personnel used. That kind of thing happened a lot. Yet it comes around and I get messed around due to corporate upgrades, meaning the office people take over, and what was a simple filler job that leads to little during the year but is good for Christmas, becomes a job I can't even get, as there is sudden corporate concerns on the situation. Is it me or does office rules become more complicating rather than simplifying. I have to wonder how professional these types of people actually are, because the decisions make you wonder how they study the areas under their control in their job. Certain jobs, such as backstage theatre, have always been pretty much based on personal ties, knowing who can do what, really are not areas that these people know about practically and yet they make decisions about it. I don't think theatre works with too tight a rein like this, treating it in a corporate way. Of course I'm biased.

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