Sunday, 26 October 2008

An Obituary Three Years Too Late.

Yes, this is an odd one.

Essentially I was looking through the internet and found out that a writer I liked as a teenager, John Brosnan, died in 2005.

Brosnan was a heavy drinker apparently but he did write some fun sci-fi books, both fiction and non-fiction, such as The Sky Lords trilogy (lots of fun) and The Primal Screen (a book on sci-fi films, which is great and I still have). There was also novels under pseudonyms, such as Harry Adam Knight (HAC), which was The Fungus and Simon Ian Childer (SIC), which had a terrific pulp novel called Tendrils ("Long black glistening streaks of people-eating death" and it lives up to that. Back cover also has "Their insides were being dissolved, digested and sucked out until only skin remained").

He also wrote some fun columns for Starburst magazine, which were fun and nasty to Trekkies and Dr Who fans, as well as being truly nasty to dumb sci-fi fans. It was great.

So there goes a figure from my youth.

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