Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Watching Your Own Film

So I ended up to braving up to watching my film again after months away (I never watched in in order as I couldn't sit through the first third again). I found it to be a lot better than I expected, as you expect to be wincing a lot and that really didn't happen. Was very happy with it generally. There areas where I think I made mistakes but it does represent a lot of what I wanted to do, seen more clearly now as I have a bit of a distance. I saw a few things to change (essentially there were two sound cues that I thought get rid of or tone down) and the end credits sound to change to make the resolution more ambiguous. But generally the framing and the way things were set-up worked the way I wanted. It was good to see scenes play where I don't remember every moment so there was some spontaneity where you think, that's what I had in mind.

I ended up watching the first third last. It was the nightmarish bit of editing and while I like most of it, it was where I saw a few edits that I sweated over that I think of as the weakest bit of the film. A general rule I found, the less edits in a scene the more I liked it. It was only really one or two areas where I wound change if I had something that would fit. And I don't have something to fit so can't change them obviously. I might be over-reacting to something I just hate tonight. To be honest I find that what I see as the weaker moments are placed close to strong moments so that kind of covers a few sins. It does make me think that less editing and careful camera work is better. The things I disliked would have worked if I had got a better, calm visual. Generally I feel pretty good and upbeat about the film, which is a nice feeling, especially after all the work put into it.

Have been editing a documentary on a play at Dundonald castle. What was supposed to be 20 minutes is now thirty minutes with another five minutes to be loaded up into computer. My plan made by viewing footage worked well as a spine and rest was improvised with material available. Its a bit more conventional than other stuff but is fun to do.

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